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The trumpet is characterized by its striking, triumphal sound and by the fact that it boasts the highest register of all the brass instruments. It does splendid work, single-handedly giving expression to heroism and jubilation.

With the focus on school of church music, at TKPMA, we train children from the age of 8 (or smart 7) also depending on the size of the child  on how to play the trumpet. We usually start with the production of their 1st sound.

Our trumpet trainings are basically in 3 levels.Beginner, intermediate and advanced and we deploy group learning system. We resume trainings as early as 9am on Saturdays pending on your level/class. Due to the attention span of children, we keep trumpet trainings within 30 to 45minutes and 60 minutes for older children

Trumpets are available for purchase at local music stores. Your TKPMA instructor can advice on both expensive and affordable trumpet(s) you can purchase.

So, do you wish to learn how to play the trumpet? Especially playing songs at church, TKPMA will help you.
Drum Set
At TKPMA, our trainings are not limited to the above listed instruments. We can always provide an instructor for the instrument of your choice. Especially the ones not mentioned above. Such as; Trombone, African Talking drum, Other African percussion instruments, Flute, Guitar, basic sound engineering etc.


Play Trumpet,Violin and Other Instruments

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