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About TKP Academy

The King’s Palace Music Academy (TKP Music academy) is the Music faculty of RCCG The King’s  Palace Katy Texas , dedicated to discovering, nurturing and training children, teenagers and youths into becoming Music Ministers and Instrumentalists..

We believe God has deposited several gifts in every child, teenager and Youth. The gifts of Singing, Dancing and ability to learn how to play musical instruments. The only way to sustain this divine gifts from God is to identify and help the child, teenager or Youth fan the gift to flame.

This is the time to catch them young.

TKP Music Academy is open to anyone and everyone not just members of RCCG The King’s Palace.

Vision Statement
To Identify and nurture musical talents for global impact.

Mission Statement
The King’s Palace Music academy strives to:
  • Create a rich musical environment that is accessible and beneficial to anyone of interest.
  • Provide a rocksolid musical foundation for every student in their various choice of instruments.
  • Provide professional skillful instructions for Talent development and expansivity.
  • Build godly character for sustainable impact in the music industry.
  • Influence every child or youth to direct their energy into productive musical feats
  • Create and engage in both internal and external opportunities for talent shows,musical competitions, recitals e.t.c.


Play Trumpet,Violin and Other Instruments

Connect with us

5371 East Fifth Street Katy TX. 

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